101 Things in 1001 Days

Inspired by the wonderful Hedgefairy I've started my list on 1st September 2013. Provided my calculations are correct, the last day should be 1st June 2016.

Done by now: 56 out of 101
  1. Sew a corset.
  2. Read "Arabian Nights"
  3. Sew an infinity dress.
  4. Sew a (more or less) authentic historical gown.
  5. Knit a matching set of winter accessoires.
  6. Create at least three pieces of jewellery. 
  7. Attend a Zombie Walk.
  8. Live vegan for one month.
  9. Read at least five of my favourite Discworld-novels in English. 
  10. Take photos in autumnal deer park Johannismühle.
  11. Watch at least three more classic horror movies.  Halloween, Night of the Living Dead, Witchfinder General
  12. Make soap.
  13. Mix parfume.
  14. Do three cosmetic products yourself.
  15. Do sports twice a week for at least two months.
  16. Start studying.
  17. Host a Halloween-party. 
  18. Host a tea party. 
  19. Have a nice party at your 18th Birthday (motto party?)
  20. Design a diary for my dreams.
  21. Create a dream catcher.
  22. Have a lucid dream.
  23. Get my driver's license.
  24. Go to Party.San.
  25. Go to WGT.
  26. Go to SummerBreeze.
  27. Produce a completly selfmade wool-item.
  28. Knit another cardigan or sweater. 
  29. Crochet a Cthulu-Amigurumi.
  30. Knit a huge lace shawl.
  31. Knit something lacy with beads.
  32. Knit a summer lace top.
  33. Knit at least three pairs of socks.
  34. Develope a fluent handwriting in Tengwar.
  35. Get B1-level for Norwegian.
  36. Achieve A.1-level in Icelandic (or another new language)
  37. Have a look at Russian.
  38. Find a pen friend.
  39. Get a navel piercing. 
  40. Grow my hair waist-long.
  41. Learn to do ten pretty hairstyles for daily life.  Gibson Tuck, Sock Bun, easy half-up, Side French Braid, Chinese Bun, Dutch Braid, French Tuck, Herringbone Braid, Legolas half-up, Renaissance Bun 
  42. Learn stamping your nails.
  43. Create three extravagant eye make ups. 
  44. Try out red hair-dye.
  45. Make fake dreads.
  46. Get five hair sticks.  
  47. Design a possible tattoo.
  48. Sew a bodice.
  49. Sew a coat.
  50. Sew your Abiball-outfit.
  51. Sew a fancy dress.
  52. Sew a long skirt.
  53. Sew  a vest.
  54. Refashion at least five band shirts. 
  55. Refashion a pair of shoes.
  56. Do a patchwork-project.
  57. Quilt something.
  58. Design or decorate a hat.
  59. Try out five different drawing techniques or styles. 3/5
  60. Illustrate at least five poems.
  61. Paint all the christmas cards you send in one year.
  62. Get good degrees in Abitur-exams.
  63. Improve your marks in maths. 
  64. Fullfill your personal aim for 5.PK. 
  65. Make a great yearbook.
  66. Learn to play bass.
  67. Learn to play the harp.
  68. Start a band or musical project of some kind.
  69. Join a choir. 
  70. Try playing a piece by Rachmaninoff.
  71. Do piano covers of three of your favourite songs.
  72. Invent a Middle-Earth-/Westeros-/Harry Potter-based character. Ergo: write a fan-fiction story.
  73. Sew something fantasy-inspired.
  74. Create a Steampunk-outfit. 
  75. Work with (fake)leather.
  76. Work with wood.
  77. Visit the theatre or opera five times. 3/5
  78. Visit ten different museums or galleries. 
  79. Visit five different german cities you have never visited before.
  80. Go to England one more time.
  81. Go to Scandinavia again.
  82. Camp at Baltic Sea. 
  83. Visit Beelitz-Heilstätten.
  84. Find five nice places in Berlin, take photos and write a post about them.
  85. Do geocaching.
  86. Go to a high rope course once more.
  87. Grow vegetables or strawberries.
  88. Grow pumpkins.
  89. Grow herbs.
  90. Produce liquor once more.
  91.  Touch a snake.
  92. See a hedgehog in nature.
  93. Go to Ireland.
  94. Make pralines. 
  95. Bake three special cakes.
  96. Try out at least five dishes with pumpkins.
  97. Find five fast, easy dishes for daily life.
  98. Bake donuts. 
  99. Find a better way for organising my CDs. 
  100. Sew book covers for every calendar I'll get. '14; ('15)
  101. Update my blog's layout. 

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