Freitag, 21. Februar 2014

Into the Forest

Da ich nun auch im 21. Jahrhundert lebe, seitdem ich das alte Smartphone meiner Mutter bekommen habe, musste eine Handysocke für den neuen Besitz her. Diese habe ich an Laura Rintalas Winter Twilight Mitts angelehnt, wobei ich grüne und schwarze Sockenwolle von Lana Grossa verwendet habe.

Since my arrival in the 21st Century, which was caused by the my mom's act of giving to me her old smart phone, I was in need of a phone sock. My self-knitted one was inspired by Laura Rintala's Winter Twilight Mitts and made of green and black sock wool.

Sonntag, 9. Februar 2014


My first and probably last real holiday this year I spent in Norway, more precisly close to and also in Oslo. Together with my boyfriend, I went there by airplane on Sunday, arriving in the early evening and with slight problems with my ears due to the flight.


On Monday, we didn't do that much, apart from getting lost in the foggy Ås during our try to find a super market,  playing with our host's extremly cute cat and cooking dinner.

The following day, we got to Oslo by half an hour's trainride. There, we visited the town hall, which was quite amazing because of the perfect mixture between modern art, classicism in architecture and romantisicm.
Afterwards, we moved to the Vikingship museum, that showed three ships found in burial mounds, plus the grave goods found in the famous Oseberg-ship. Especially, the artful carvings and impressive size of the ships. In contrast to that, the Holocaust-Center as the following museum was sort of a disappointment. For sure, the situation in Germany during NS-regime was depicted very well and detailed, but both of us hoped for more information about the norwegian role in the holocaust, which was given very rarely.
Luckily, the Fram-Museum was really great and fascinating. Not only the pure size of the Fram and the possibility to walk on it as eminent explorers have done before but also the small tests of our own abilities in e.g. navigation and shooting have been a lot of fun (even though we failed entirely, by the way).

Wednesday was our second and last day in Oslo and began with the Akershus-fortress. Unfortunatly, the rooms of the castle itself weren't open for visitors, yet walking around the fortress and enjoying the idyllic view over the city and the fjord turned out to be a joy.

Being tired of walking, we shared very delicious snacks at a café.
And to avoid further physical activity thereafter, we took a ride on one of the few ferries in action during the winter months . Although the pictures aren't that great because of the windows' reflections, the sight was simply beautiful.

On solid ground again, we decided to take the subway to the Munch-Museum. Firstly, I thought to remember a ban of taking photos, thus I put my camera into a locker. However, we found out later, that the only limitation concerning photographes was to use no flash light. So, only some bad-quality smartphone photos originated in the gallery itself which better stay unkown. ;) At least,  I can show you the amusing  student version of Munch's painting "The Scream" presented in the subway station and some postcards we snatched in the gallery.

Planned as the late afternoon's programme originally, Oslo's Cathedral was already closed, when we arrived there. Damn it. Consequently, we could only look at it from the outside and take a walk in the nice passage close to it.


Contrastive to two days of urban sightseeing, the Thursday was spent in Drøbak, Norway's christmas village. Firstly, we marvelled at many bizarre creatures whose fellows inhabit the Oslo-fjord in the local aquarium. Gratis, since before we had a conversation with Santa Claus' nephew or something like that in the tourist information sharing the same house with the aquarium. Subsequently, we strolled through the snowy village, took delight in the small wooden houses as well as the haven and entered some shops stuffed with christmas decoration.

 Sadly, the whole Friday was dedicated to our departure, to packing, waiting for the bus, the airport-express, the plane. Fittingly, it rained and snowed.

All in all it was a fantastic holiday, particularly, because we didn't stay in the big city but a rather rural area that (at least I imagine so) is closer to the actual spirit of the country.

(Heute gab es mal alles einsprachig Englisch, um den Umfang dieses Posts nicht ins Unermessliche zu steigern. ;) )